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BREXIT - time is running out

Posted by Frank Preiss, on 30 January 2019. Comments: 1

Just 2 weeks to go, and our MPs couldn't find one deal to agree on.

The rules of the club were set well before we joined. The EU negociators are not playing games. In trying to leave, as one of them said recently, the British are try to "take the egg out of an omelette".

The truly abymal failure of the past 30 months has been to focus on the wrong question. We should have asked ourselves not how we might leave the EU but why. Why did we vote so overwhelmingly (67/33) to remain in the 1975 Referendum? What has has been so awful about our membership in the last 44 years that three years ago we felt the need to leave?

This damaging crisis was engineered by a quite small number of publicity-seeking rabble-rousers and career politicians who have instilled in the population a mixure of phoney patriotism and outright fear by constantly repeating meaningless slogans or mendacious promises such as 'vassal state', 'taking back control' and 'freedom to make our own trade deals'.

Brexiteers never explain how we have managed for so long, nor how membership of the EU has prevented our own government from tackling the undoubted hardships and injustices of the past decade.

Instead the promised 'bright uplands' of Brexit darken with each revelation of 'easy' trade deals not agreed, each new departure of a company and/or its jobs to Europe, and the huge and frightening waste of time, money, resources and Britain's precious worldwide reputation all this has already cost us.

Brexit must be stopped. We must repair as much of the damage already done as we can. And if Europe needs reform, as it probably does, the UK should be on the inside helping, not a helpless bystander.


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1. At 10:40 on Thursday 4th of April 2019, Duggan commented...

Frank, I could not agree with you more. Thank you for your comments: may I add something about the stability and peace we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy as a unified Europe over the span of both your life time and mine and the importance to UK of immigrant labour at all levels (and not simply those on large salaries). We were faced until 3rd April 2019, with the possibility of simply crashing out, which had been facilitated by the Tories: the lack of common sense shown by them was bringing the country to the edge of the abyss is frightening. And to listen to the debates on 3rd April and the filibustering of Bill Cash and George Eustace to prevent discussion (orchestrated by the Tory party - who knows?) to prevent Parliament at last taking over, makes one wonder what has happened to our country. Good to know that there are business leaders like yourself who are ready to stand up and say the truth.

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